All donations made to Labs and More Rescue go directly to the care of our dogs.  This includes the donations made from adopting a dog or puppy from Labs and More Rescue….. your donation allows us to “Paw it Forward” by providing funds to help us save one more dog from the perils that each dog in need of rescue faces every day. Your Donation can also be considered Tax Deductible as we are a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Rescue Organization. For those of you that work for a company~ please check with your company when you donate as some companies will match your donation!

Labs and More Dog Rescue receives no funds from any governmental agencies and we receive no aid or support from them to provide for our dogs.  We strive to make the adoption donations affordable for families but as these donation amounts do not cover the average cost it takes to rescue just one dog or puppy, it requires a balance.

Your Adoption Application is Free

Your adoption donation includes (in most situations):

Your new Dog!
New Dog Collar
Embedded Microchip
Medical/Shelter and Intake Records
Vaccination Verification
Spay or Neutering with Verification (any exceptions will be noted)
Volunteer Adoption support
Dog and Puppy Adoption Information to take home
Information on surgery or hospital care provided

Life-Saving Adoption Donations

Adoption Application is Free

  • Adoption of a Senior Dog or Medical Needs Dog  – (Senior is defined as over 7 years of age) – Donation of any amount over $150.
  • Adoption of Most Adult Dogs – Donation of any amount over $350. For some highly popular dogs or dogs who required extra funding, the requested donation will be higher.
  • Adoption of Puppies – (Puppies are defined as younger than 8 months of age) – Donation of any amount over $450.  For some highly popular puppies, the requested donation will be higher.

Training Deposits of $50 will be required on most Puppy Adoptions as well as on some Adult Adoptions.

We provide all of our dogs needed care based on their current conditions.  Please know that unanticipated medical situations can occur post adoption. Once you have rescued your dog any further medical care is your responsibility. Please notify us if any situations happen post adoption. Rescued dogs have often lived difficult lives and some of the conditions associated with this can show up at a later date.

Don’t feel ready to give a dog a permanent home? You can still help by Donating to Labs and More or come join the fun and sign up to Volunteer or Foster!