Thank you for selecting Labs and More Rescue to assist you in selecting your new Dog. Please review our “ 4-Paw Adoption Process” it will help you in your journey to finding your new Forever and Loyal Companion. It is important we share with you that we are all Volunteers with jobs and other commitments and sometimes we are short of Volunteer help. Knowing this upfront will help us all understand the time commitment of adopting. Also, it is important to know that while we do our best to predict the age, breed, temperament and energy level of the dogs based on their time with us, we have no way of verifying the accuracy of this information. Take your time getting to know the dog you are interested in adopting and ask questions.

It is important to understand you are bringing home an animal that will require patience, consistency, stability and time to adapt to his new home. Never leave your new dog alone with children, do not let them off leash outside of your home, and do not take them to public areas or shopping with you the first few weeks of bringing him home.

Be sure to read the information sent home with you post-adoption.

🐾 Paw 1: You have decided now is the time to adopt a dog!

  • Finding and adopting your new Dog is a process, so please be prepared to commit the time and effort into it. This is a life-changing event and the more you put into this effort the better the experience will be. We will ask you to prepare your home and yard for your new Dog or Puppy. Clean up any dangerous items that your new Dog or Puppy could get into, remove debris, install or repair fences, and secure your doors and windows.
  • Please consider that dogs require, among other things, food, collar, a leash, vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, and regular health checks, and these items can add up, it is important you have discussed a plan for how you will provide for your dog.
  • Decide what time you will be able to commit to your new pet. Give thought to when and where you will walk your dog daily. How will you change your schedule around your dog? You will need to budget time for playtime, the purchasing of supplies, feeding, and training time.
  • Things to consider are; where will your dog be when you are away during the day, where will you take your dog when you go on vacation, what if you and your spouse or partner split up who will take the dog, what if you need to move, these are all reasons people use to give up their dog.
  • When choosing your new dog, keep in mind the activities you will want to do with your dog. such as hiking, swimming, traveling, going to the beach, or hanging out in public. What energy level are you looking for in your dog? High energy, low energy, or somewhere in the middle? What general age of dog are you looking for? Be sure to read up on various breeds to find a dog that matches your expectations. Some breeds may be desirable, but, won’t fit with your lifestyle.

🐾 Paw 2: You have decided to move forward with an adoption!

Here are the next steps:

  • Complete the online adoption application.
  • Take photos of your home, where your dog will live and sleep, and your yard. Email these to
  • Within 7 days of filing your application, a Volunteer Adoption Coach will reach out to you via phone or email to set up a time to discuss your living situation, review our adoption process, and review your application to adopt.
  • Once you have been approved to adopt we will work together to help you in selecting your new pet. This process can take time so we ask that you be patient and understand this needs to be a match for both YOU and YOUR new dog! Sometimes a dog may not be a good fit, but, we are very experienced with making great matches! We are happy to help you find a great dog for you.

🐾 Paw 3: Adoption Events!

  • These events are truly amazing! You will receive information on when and where the adoption events are scheduled and what dogs will be in attendance. Please understand that a dog’s attendance is subject to change based on his/her well-being. At the adoption events, you may meet many dogs at one time. It is SO easy to fall in love with the look of a dog — we have all done it — but it is necessary to understand the dog’s needs and what you can provide them. As mentioned above, be realistic in what you can commit to financially, in time, and in your knowledge of dogs.
  • When you have met the dog that you would like to adopt, the next step is to talk to the Adoption Director. S/he will help you determine if this dog is fit for you and your family. Please know that our goal is not to operate on a first-come-first-served basis but to do what is best for our dogs and puppies, and for you. If the answer is YES then let’s ADOPT! adoption-process6

🐾  Paw 4: Adopt!

  • We will review the Adoption Contract with you in detail and ask you to commit to the agreement. You will be required to provide care, regular vet visits, and to agree that your dog will not live or sleep outside. There will be instructions given on how you will receive records and paperwork. We will go over the basic care and provide you with important information to take home and read. We will hook up your leash to your new dog and take your family photo!Congratulations on the Adoption of your New Dog! Thank you for providing a home for a rescued dog. This is LIFE for them! We are entrusting you with their care and our hope is that you will give them the life our Fosters and Volunteers have worked so hard to secure for your new Best Friend.