Surrendering Your Dog to Labs and More Rescue

If you are needing assistance with re-homing your dog that you did not adopt from Labs and More Rescue please complete the Request to Relinquish Your Dog form below. Enter your email address below to get started.

Labs and More is mainly a large Breed Rescue supporting Labradors, Mixed Breeds, and other large Breed dogs as our resources allow. There are many more dogs in need of homes than we are able to rehabilitate and support. Rehoming a dog is not only hard on you the owner, but will be very hard on the dog you are surrendering. It is important that you start this process early so you can continue to foster and support your dog as we work to find them a new home. Our goal is to keep the dog in their home for as long as possible while they are available for adoption. Please follow the Surrendering steps below if you are ready to move forward.

If you are surrendering a Labs and More Adopted Dog please also email us at with the reasons for the return and follow these steps below.

Steps to follow to surrender your dog:

1. Be sure you have tried everything to make it work with your dog like, training, help of friends or family, crating, using training collars, research, and your time and commitment.

2. With your best information complete the online Request to Relinquish Your Dog form and send us 2-3 good clear photo

3. Be prepared to support your dog through this process by providing their favorite items to include, food, bed, leash, collar, and toys and by fostering and attending adoption events with your dog.

4. Compile their veterinarian records and be sure your dog is current on vaccinations as you will need to send us these records.

5. Are you able to make a donation to support the surrender of your dog to Labs and More?

Request to Relinquish your Dog form is located on the bottom of the page, enter your email address in the box to get started.