There are many more dogs needing homes than people wanting to adopt. We work hard to assist families who are giving up their dogs for various reasons but please understand we cannot help them all. This is often a hard decision for you the owner, but it is also going to be extremely hard on your dog. Our goal is to keep the dog in your home whenever possible while we work together to rehome them. In most situations, this is the best option for your dog and often is the only way we can help.

If you are needing assistance with rehoming your dog that you did not adopt from Labs and More Rescue please complete the Release of Ownership Form. Please email us 3-5 good photos of your dog. We will need verification of your dog’s records to include Rabies and other Vaccinations, verification of altering, and any other Veterinarian Records. We will then contact you in 3-6 days with next steps.

If you have adopted a dog from Labs and More Rescue and you need assistance in transitioning your dog to your home please email us at and someone will get back to you shortly. If you are needing to return your Labs and More Adopted dog to us please contact us at and let us know the situation and then complete the online Release of Ownership Form.