Labs and More Rescue is Southern California’s fastest growing and most active dog rescue. Our volunteers work to rescue over 2000 dogs each year finding them forever homes in and around San Diego. In just 9 short years our volunteers have worked to give hope to over 10,000 dogs in need of a chance at life. These rescued dogs were often on their last day of life in a shelter, on the streets, or abandoned by their owners. You can help in so many ways!

Bringing together people who believed there should be a brighter future for these loyal companions left to fend for themselves is why Labs and More was founded in 2011. We have had the good fortune of meeting amazing people and wonderful volunteers who have helped us build a network of compassionate and generous people who have helped build Labs and More Rescue. Because of these efforts, we have endeavored to never have to say “no” to dogs in our breed group needing extensive medical care, pregnant moms and moms with pups, senior dogs in need of medical assistance, and adults who otherwise have no chance at life.

Our fosters are a force to be proud of making room in their homes for hundreds of dogs weekly. These fosters have allowed us to provide a safe haven for moms and pups who have been discarded often worse than trash onto the streets, dumped injured along roadsides, and left to find shelter outside to deliver, feed and provide protection to their newborn pups. This year alone, we have saved over 160 litters of puppies and over 600 puppies. Many of these mom’s and pups require urgent medical care to include emergency c–sections to save mom and babies, IV’s and blood tests because of their poor health and condition, and hospitalization for diseases like parvo.

This care takes a toll on our finances, our Fosters and our hearts. We are making a difference in the over-population of dogs in our general area. The local county shelters are now no or low kill as a result of so many puppies getting altered eliminating the risk of breeding. We are here to continue this mission with the support and financial backing of our community. Let’s end the suffering and throw away mentality of dogs and puppies in our society. A grand but real mission.

We scour the local and distant shelters across Southern California where we rescue hundreds of adult and senior dogs monthly. In particular, we are asked by shelters to give an extra helping paw to the medical dogs in their shelters who otherwise have no other hope. Our goal is to say “Yes” when an urgent need for an injured dog is presented to us. We have provided many needed surgeries to include hip and leg surgeries, leg amputations, tumor removals, cancer treatments and other major care that without help would have suffered and then needlessly lost their lives.

Our goal is to encourage YOU to care enough to make a difference by getting involved!


Our board of directors is made up of a group of volunteers with over 30 years of rescue experience. Together, we founded this organization in an effort to make a difference in our local San Diego communities by partnering with local shelters and the Humane Society. Along with our volunteers, we dedicate our hearts, our homes, our resources and many hours of donated time to support this needed rescue work.


Help save these innocent animals from the perils of shelters and a lonely ending to their lives. Your donations all go directly to the rescue and care of the dogs we save and most on their last day of life. Without your support these dogs have no hope or chance at life. Become a supporter of Labs and More and help us continue this journey of hope.

Labs & More Rescue is a 501C(3) non-profit organization and donations made are considered tax deductible, Tax ID #45-1589323.

Maybe we cannot save them all, but we will work to save all that we can!

Founded by Labs and More this program, funded by YOU our generous supporters, allows Labs and More to rescue senior dogs left behind to spend their last days of life alone, depressed on hard concrete floors, no place for our old companions. This program also allows us to provide emergency care to dogs that are injured, sick and suffering giving them the gift of a compassionate recovery. We proudly donate service and companion dogs to support veterans, these dogs give our veterans back their day-to-day freedoms. Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

Your donations will help so many dogs in need….please donate today!

Labs and More rescues many breeds of dogs to include: Black Labrador Retriever, Yellow Labrador Retriever, Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Labradoodle, German Shepherd, Shepherd, Collie, Border Collie, Pitt Bull Terrier, Boxer, Australian Shepherd, Cattle Dog, Australian Cattle Dog, Hound, Husky, Great Pyrenees, Sheepdog, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Spaniel, German Shorthair Pointer, Elkhound, Doberman, Greyhound, Whippet, Mastiff, St. Bernard, Great Dane, Bull Dog, Poodle, Bull Terrier, Terrier, Wire hair Terrier, and mixes of any types of these breeds.