An Epic 21 Day Journey

They don’t ask for help.  They can’t.  They just suffer silently and try to make do with what they have.  Which is usually nothing:  no food, no shelter, no clean water.  Not a bed to sleep in.  Not a caring hand to help them through the terrifying journey of birthing their young, while bravely trying to protect them from predators or worse – starvation – because even she can’t find enough to survive.

Recently, within one single week and a half time span, we were overwhelmed with desperate pleas:  “We just found a newborn litter, help!”  “This pregnant mama is ready to give birth and is homeless – can you take her?”  “These puppies with their mom is being abused, can you rescue them?”  “This mama has lost 10 of her puppies and only has 2 left, can you take them all?”  As soon as we processed one there were 2 more waiting – and it seemed like it just wouldn’t end.

By the end of those crazy 21 days we had saved and taken in 137 pregnant moms and puppies. – and that doesn’t even count the other 70 or so adult dogs we rescued during that same time frame!  Now, we wondered, how will we pay for this?

Ever wonder what it takes to save just one litter?  There’s medical testing, goats milk to supplement moms’ milk, bedding, newspapers for them to mess in, towels, cleaning supplies, blankets, vaccinations, food…mountains of food… and specialized medical care – not to mention the loving foster homes that enable us to give them the fighting chance – or boarding fees when we’re simply too full and have no place left to put them.

We’ve got the personnel covered, now we just need the funds.  We simply don’t foresee and plan for bursts like these but we just couldn’t look the other way and hope someone else would rescue them.  The harsh reality is that if we don’t say yes most times they never receive rescue – and the cycle continues.

Every time we said yes to a plea we crossed our fingers and silently prayed that our supporters could come through.

If you’re reading this we know you care.  And now we’re asking for just a little bit more:  a donation.  These funds, no matter the size, go directly towards providing what it takes to rescue them off the streets, treat medical conditions, nurture them to health and ready for adoption these sizable, multiple families.  Between us we can turn their rough start around and change the direction of their lives forever.  That’s huge.

If not you, then who?

We are overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of our supporters.  We just reached our original goal and have raised our level in hopes to increase the number of those we are able to say Yes to in the upcoming weeks – those who are desperately waiting for our team to arrive.

Those yet unnamed – but are in our prayers to survive long enough to become a LAM dog.  Their future will certainly be brighter with your help.

*Your help is urgently needed!

You wouldn’t turn your back on these dogs – and neither did we. You are why we said yes when asked to save these forgotten, discarded dogs. We know the community of friends who support Labs & More will come together again to give us the means to pay for their vet bills & recovery care.

These special dogs were not a good combination for being saved. They had no other way out. We are able to save litters like these because of YOUR generosity.

You give our volunteers the tools to do this life saving and compassionate work others turn away from. Your donation goes directly to their care.

Labs and More is a 501(c)3 non-profit, 100% volunteer run dog rescue group and your donations are considered tax deductible. Donations can be made here online through this GoFundMe page. You can also mail a check to Labs and More to 5425 Oberlin Drive, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121.

You mean life to those who cannot help themselves.