Adoption update on Duck Dynasty Pup Phil, now Maverick, and Boulder Pup Pebble, now Kesler!

These two became fast friends after getting adopted 4 months apart. They are the epitome of “opposites attract”. Maverick is shy and skittish, but at the same time loving and sweet. Kesler is brave and daring, but also cuddly and cute. Maverick isn’t a big cuddler, he’s always guarding the area and making sure he can see everyone around the house. He also loves to stare out the window to see when we are coming home.

Maverick also love to snort and grumble and acts like he is talking to us. Kesler always does a little dance after he eats his food. He rolls around the carpet even after just one bite. He will be the first to greet you at the door. And he puts himself to bed even if everyone else is staying up past his bedtime. He is the king of belly scratches! These two love running on the beach and long walks.

They both would love to get updates on how their brothers and sisters are doing and would love to see pictures!


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