The Panama Pups

We knew this litter was going to be a handful when they were picked up.  Mama Panama had 9 big, chunky puppies and it didn’t take long before she looked at her foster mom and said, “You got this, right?” and promptly stopped nursing these little cuties.  As she moved on to another foster to have her eye healed, the foster mom took over preparing warm goat milk and then what we call ‘puppy mash’ to replace the nutritious milk only a mother can give.

Every morning was a raucous “HELLOOOOOO!!!!” from this pack, devouring their meals as quickly as they could be prepared. Here they show off their ‘puppy wheel’ skills…


These little naughties also had a field day with a box of gloves mistakenly left in their pen overnight, making their pen look like ‘heaven’ when the morning door was opened.

As they grew so did their personalities.  Although little Boquette was the most innocent looking of the bunch, it would be her, with Isthmus in tow, leading the crew off on an hillside adventure, sending her foster mom scrambling to keep them all together.



At 8 weeks and ready for adoption, those that remained moved to a new foster and continued their shenanigans.  Romping in the yard, splashing in their puppy pool and chewing on the sticks in sight, Isthmus, Colon and Valle are having a blast keeping their new foster father busy!



“Isthmus loves to splash in water and is now 16 pounds!”

“Colon has a wonderfully balanced temperment and loves to play in the water.  At 23 pounds he’s on track to be a big boy!”

“Valle is the playful girl of the litter, with her its always party time! She’s 18 pounds, also loves playing in the water and is on track for being the life of dog beach!”

~foster father George


Although these pups are now on track to be adopted by loving parents and live out the life a loved dog should, without the rescue of their pregnant mother off the streets, their story would be ending very differently.  Help support Labs & More to continue doing this life saving work.  Who knows – the next saved puppy could be yours.  Could you imagine having said no to their rescue?





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