Guinevere (The Beautiful)
Some stories of pain and suffering break your hearts into a million pieces, and Guinevere’s story is one such tale. Labs and More was contacted by a rescuer in Mexico asking for help with sweet Guinevere. Covered in mange and heavily pregnant, Guinevere was in fragile health and presumed to be just days away from delivering. Labs and More was past our planned intake of pregnant and nursing moms for the quarter, but without another option Guinevere would have otherwise perished on the streets. We said yes.



Upon arrival, Guinevere was rushed to one of our veterinary partners. An examination revealed she was severely anemic. Before her health could be fully stabilized, Guinevere went into labor and was soon in distress. She underwent a blood transfusion followed by an emergency C-section to try and save the lives of her puppies. Sadly, her 8 babies were each stillborn. Despite the trauma to her body, our vets were able to get Guinevere stable and complete the procedure. Guinevere survived the surgery and has since transitioned to a foster home. Guinevere has a long road to recovery ahead of her, but her prognosis is good.



Labs & More always strives to take dogs that others, for various reasons, turn away.  We cannot continue to take these dogs without the continued help of our growing network of supporters.  And that’s where you come in!  Please donate to help offset the costs of Guinevere’s emergency surgery.  As always, your donation is tax deductible.  From all of us here at Labs & More, we thank you for your giving spirit and appreciate any amount that you can give.  Because of you, we are able to continue saving medical dogs like Guinevere and giving them a chance at a full and happy life.



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