When Haiku came to Labs and More she was sad, shut down, totally defeated … and pregnant.  This female purebred chow had only ever known a life of neglect and her massive mane was wild, matted and badly sunburned.  Worse yet she was used as a breeding dog and had only known of a life of repeatedly churning out puppy litters for her breeders to sell, profiting off her misery.

Well – meet Haiku today!  Haiku is no longer depressed, she happily wags her tail, somehow knowing that her life has changed and is now looking up.  And although chows sometimes are known to be aloof (untrue), Haiku defies that expectation, always ready to snuggle up for some love, whether it be getting scratched, petted or just a good, solid rubdown.  This regal queen is a volunteer favorite and on the road to mend, with an auburn mane that will take some time to repair – but reflects the color of this girls’ heart:  pure gold.

Now that Haiku is finished with mommy duties, a foster tends to her young puppies as they grow and ready for adoption.  Cheeky little personalities emerge as do their growing bellies and big feet!  Pentameter was the first to be nicknamed as Batman as his ears will introduce, and as little Alliteration fought past normal puppy sickness he quickly became the most connected of the bunch.

Big Stanza and Envoi far outweigh the rest (…!) and spend their afternoons clumsily flopping about the spring grass, while Iambic, the silkiest, softest of the gang, is the quickest to settle into your arms and gaze sweetly into your eyes for some love.  Don’t be fooled though, this bunch spends their days racing around the hillside, chasing tails and playing keep-away for hours, just as you would hope for for a healthy, young litter of puppies.

As this family readies for a new life, remember that their story is only possible because of people like you – people that value the life of every dog and work tirelessly to ensure their well being of as many as we can.  LAM thanks you for your continued support!