2 year old boxer shepherd mix male with a lifelong medical condition that requires maintenance medication.  This playful pup doesn’t let that change his mood though, and is a happy, bouncy, loving boy that loves his human and gives enthusiastic hugs.  He’s been waiting for his forever home for 2 years now!  READ MORE…




Corgi shepherd mix female at 2 years old.  This beautiful silver foxy babe is a versatile pup who loves hanging out with her family, playing at the beach or wrangling her stuffed animals.  She’s looking for an active family as she loves to stay busy.  READ MORE…




Discovering an incurable heart murmur at the shelter, Eliza was given a second chance with Labs & More.  This playful, sweet female 2 year old pup loves her humans, fur friends and a gentle play but will always need maintenance medication.  Don’t let that fool you though, she’s always up for whatever shenanigans her housemates have in mind, and will surely charm you with her sparkling personality.  We hope to find a loving forever home for this girl for whatever time remains for her, as she deserves to live the rest of her life as normally as possible.  READ MORE…




Who couldn’t fall in love with this wrinkly gorgeous face?!  A shar pei mix female at 4 years old she is a big bunch of love.  This girl loves long walks, play-wrestling with her foster dad and loves her human with lots of kisses and wags.  After nursing her adorable 7 puppies Olympia is ready to be on her own and be your loyal adventure mate.  READ MORE…




This super handsome dude is a 9 month old german shepherd mix male and is a cheery, ball of energy who loves a good romp.  Happy-go-lucky, he is always excited to see you and will make the perfect buddy for an active household that will include him on their adventures.  READ MORE…




Isn’t it?  This sweet, laid back lady is a shepherd mix female that is hard not to fall in love with.  A goofy big girl she is always up for a belly rub and an attention-giving (to her…!) session.  Such a sunny disposition and just looking for someone who adores her as much as she’ll adore you.  READ MORE…




This girls pictures never do her justice.  Her personality is that of a big, loving, snuggling babe and she simply loves to be adored!  Just give her a few pets and she’s quick to roll over so you can work on her tummy…!  READ MORE…




Are you ready to fall in love with this old soul?  This silver fox will woo you with his snuggling skills and extra polite demeanor.  While he loves playing fetch he’s super content just hanging out with you.  Give this old guy a chance to live out the rest of his golden years in the warmth of a loving home.  READ MORE…



This handsome dude loves hanging out with his dog buds and feline friend when his human foster is away.  A ball of fun and loving energy this guy is a giant baby and loves nothing more than to give you a big bear hug.  While you hold him, of course…!  READ MORE…







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