Picking up a pregnant rescue pup named Honda, she got safely snuggled into her crate for the ride home.  Halfway home, squeaking could be heard from the back of the car. Pulling over to investigate, sure enough – Ms. Honda simply couldn’t hold it any longer and was delivering her litter there and then!

Just a young pup herself, the poor thing was scared half to death but instinct kicked in and she safely gave birth to 7 puppies in the car.  Hurrying home, the foster got everyone cleaned up and into a soft whelping area for the exhausted mother to safely nurse her newborn babies.

A few days later Honda, needing a break from her very needy pups, got a brief breather and enjoyed a little ‘me’ time, showing off her very toothy grin.  She is already looking lighter and happier!

Now a week old, the fondly nicknamed little “Cow Puppies” are fat and happy!

Taking a break from mommy duties, Honda, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, spilled all the details of her puppies to her new bff foster friend Oklahoma.  Oklahoma was amazed and hung on every word.

Crossing a milestone, Honda’s puppies turned 2 weeks old without a hitch!  The Cow Puppies marked their anniversary with the opening of their tiny eyes…

Here Honda is, being the best mother, providing all the necessary nutrition and comfort for these young lives.

If you can’t get around them go over them!

Ms. Honda and her brood at 5 weeks.  These pups are getting big and chunky!

Check back as we chart the little cow puppies’ progress to 8 weeks old ~ where they will be ready to find a loving, forever home of their own!