This year – with your help – we will give hope and care to our 10,000th dog!
Did you know that we are a 100% volunteer run rescue nonprofit?

Yep – that means that every penny raised goes directly to the dogs in our care.
While local rescue work has come a long way since Labs And More Rescue was founded in 2011, when San Diego shelters were considered kill shelters (and now are no-kill), we have focused on helping the underfunded, surrounding communities that are still considered high-kill shelters.  These areas are many and the resources are minimal, where often basic care is non-existent. There are thousands of dogs suffering from severe injuries;  moms left to deliver in the hardest conditions and senior dogs thrown out on the streets with no ability to care for themselves.
Events like our Mutt Run supply the resources to help change these hard realities – and give these dogs reprieve from their suffering. Can we count on you to care?
With your help we can turn their future around.  Donate today and become a caring member of the dog saving community.