This is a difficult story to hear.  Please be warned, this story contains graphic images.

Maly was a one year old pup herself with a newborn litter on the streets.  Until one day a cruel man found her, wrapped a heavy metal chain around her neck, and beat her mercilessly until her eyes began to bleed and pop out of her head.  Not satisfied, he picked up a metal rod and started beating her with it as she screamed in pain & terror. 

Overhearing the screams, kind-hearted folks stepped in and stopped the horrific barrage.  Eyes bloody, weak from starvation, and with the last bit of energy she could muster, this young girl managed to find and nurse her terrified, huddled puppies out of instinct.



Thankfully, the kind people who saved her life searched out a local rescue who in turn made the desperate plea to Labs & More to please take this girl in.  Labs & More said yes – of course – and brought her to safety.

Aptly re-named Triumph and her babies The Triumph Pups, this confused, sweet girl began nestling into a foster home – and just rested.  Nursing her newborn puppies and inhaling food & water, not knowing that it was not her last.  Within days she began to greet her foster with a slow, gentle tail wag and would rest her head softly on her lap, as if to say “thank you”.

It wasn’t long before the foster was always greeted with a full swing windmill-tail.  The energetic, happy girl was emerging and her puppies began to gain weight.


She soon began to take happy led-walks through tall green grass fields in the sunshine while her puppies played in the safety of their playpen, wrestling stuffed toys and being raised as normal puppies should.




When Triumph was finally ready to have her eye stitches removed – amazingly one of her eyes still remained!  Although still completely blind, Triumph’s new look reflected the recovered, happy, sweetheart of a dog that she is.  She came out of the vet’s office bouncing, happy and smiling from ear to ear.  The foster, not recognizing her at first, wept in disbelief and happiness.







And now – all have been adopted and safely placed into loving, kind and caring homes.  Triumph will live the life she deserves to live and her puppies’ tales end in success – a complete turn-around story.



This family would have certainly perished;  starved and beaten.  But instead they will all live happy, healthy lives snuggled into the arms of their grateful and loving new families.


Let this story remind you of the incredible resilience that dogs possess;  even when they have experienced trauma at the hands of a human, they still find it in their hearts to trust people again.  Could you do the same?


Triumph, indeed.


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