The first photo is what Spencer looked like after being ripped up and attacked. We believe he had been used as a bait dog to train fighting dogs. Spencer had wounds everywhere you touched him. You could not pet him without him crying or touching an open sore. The worst of it was on his leg and we feared we wouldn’t be able to save it. He had two surgeries on his leg and on his eyes, lips and the side of his mouth and the back of his neck. He cried often which broke my heart. Even with pain control this boy endured so much yet was always so happy and forgiving to the hands the were hurting him at the cost of saving him….it was almost like he knew.

After 4 weeks of laying him down cutting off his leg wraps, soaking it to be able to remove it from the wounds, washing the wounds out, repacking it and putting on a new wrap….this boy is now able to run and play and be a dog. He is so full of life and loves to run circles in the yard and is thrilled he can. As you can see from the photos we saved his leg! You can also see that his eyes were very blue from his trauma and his vision was very limited and today they are almost clear and he sees great. He really is a miracle.

This is just one example of why we are Labs and More Rescue and why we are having this needed Fundraising Event. We are in a position where we can say yes to a dog like Spencer who was thrown out on the streets barely able to walk let alone survive. He has won my heart over with his never failing spirit and his thankfulness to the hands that saved him.





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