Sometimes we get so focused on the work of rescue that we forget to step back and celebrate what we do. Today we would like to remedy that and tell you about Blush.

No one knows how Blush ended up in a high-kill shelter in the desert. But as a nondescript, middle-aged mutt, her chances there weren’t good. She had a bum rear leg and the kennel vet suspected hip dysplasia, which can be costly to treat. All in all, not a prime candidate for adoption. However, Labs and More looked past that, and we took her in.

Blush’s journey wasn’t an easy one. She was placed in a wonderful foster home, but she faced a number of medical hurdles. After numerous tests, the vets finally decided she was just going to be a dog with a limp. To make things tougher, she did not enjoy adoption events. In her foster home, she was super sweet, but at events, she was aloof and didn’t want to engage with people.

One day, after Blush had spent 4 months and 18 days in her foster home, Blush’s foster mom got a call that a woman and her young son had applied to adopt Blush. They met her and thought about it overnight to make sure Blush was “the one,” and by the next day, they knew they couldn’t live without her.

This is why we do what we do – to send dogs like Blush home. This is why we are so grateful to each and every volunteer for everything they do. Because of your support, we work miracles every day, and we need to celebrate that.

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