Virtual Adoptions


Dear Friends,

These are certainly strange and unprecedented times as we all try to keep a sense of normalcy. Our volunteers, like you, are living in the new COVID-19 crisis. Like you, they are homeschooling their children, working from home, worrying about their safety, and many are health care professionals that are busy caring for our fellow humans during this time. With that, we are dealing with limited resources and are doing our best for you and for the dogs we save.

We are sorry to share but in many situations a dog or puppy you are applying for will probably be adopted by the time your application is complete. If you are patient we will work to get you on a wait list for puppies as new litters become available. We are responding to an increase of over 1000% in Adoption applications and inquiries, and we have over 50 people interested in each available puppy! With the Governmental limitations we have less access to our Vets, it takes our Volunteers more time to care for our dogs, our paperwork all has to be changed, and our Volunteers had to open up their homes to in-home visits which also creates unique challenges. Please let us know if you don’t hear back within 24 hours with an Application verification and in 3-5 weeks meeting with an adoption coach.

For now, we have shifted to a new Virtual Adoption Process and will keep the flow of requests for dogs/puppies moving along.

Please note the following as we maneuver in this new normalcy:

• We know shifting to the virtual adoption process is new; we ask for your patience and understanding during this time of change. With that said, our response may take longer than usual due to increased requests, and in most cases, delays will only be a few days, but some inquiries could take longer.

• During this time, we cannot ensure everyone will find a puppy or dog. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there are so many requests for dogs/puppies and not enough dogs/puppies, for everyone.

• Please be patient, as we all know a new abandoned litter will be available soon enough, sorry to say, and we hope to be able to find you a puppy.

• We are doing everything we can to get your forever friend to you. We hear you and are very aware of what is going on, and we are working overtime!

Questions and Answers:

Q: Why do puppies on the site have wait lists and why not remove them? A: These pups are not yet adopted but we have people in line to meet these pups. We cannot remove them from our system until they are adopted and we can link them to a family. Also adopting families want to be able to view the puppies available in the litter they are planning to meet.

Q: What are your adoption fees? A: Please visit our Adoption Donation page where it will show you a range of adoption donations and what in included in your adoption.

Q: Are you still doing adoptions and adoption events? A: We are adopting out dogs through virtual meets and some in-home meets following social distancing requirements. We are currently not holding Adoption Events per the Governor’s restrictions.

Q: When I meet the dogs do I need to wear a mask? A: Yes we ask that all family members come prepared with Masks and that they use hand sanitizer and maintain a safe 6 ft. distance from our Volunteers.

This is a fluid situation for all of us; please refrain from posting negative comments and emails. They are disheartening during a time when we are working so hard behind the scenes, and please be kind to our Volunteers.

Remember, we’re all in this together.

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Please review 5 easy steps to begin the adoption process for your new dog or puppy, and our new Virtual Adoption Process.