It all starts with a call.  An emaciated mama dog is found in a ditch, nursing her newborn puppies.  A young pup has been hit by a car and left on the side of the road.  A dog has been abandoned by his family at a shelter, given only hours to live.

These urgent calls to Labs and More immediately activate our community of volunteers who have committed their time, resources and hearts to saving the lives of these precious dogs who deserve so much more than their tragic, present circumstances.

As our volunteers spring into action, these now rescued dogs are quickly transported to the appropriate safe place.  For some like Donovan, hit by a car and found a full 24 hours later, they are taken immediately to a veterinarian hospital for expensive, life saving surgeries.  Some dogs may require a bit less in medical care but need time to heal and convalesce, like young Jupiter.  Jupiter, found wandering the streets after surviving multiple dog attacks, also needed a safe, loving foster home to heal his wounds.  And then there is Osaka, who, a puppy herself, could only find enough bedding on the side of the road in a pile of dirt, nursing her newborn litter.  Our organization provides medical care, a safe and loving place to heal their physical wounds not to mention their emotional ones, in time to heal so that they may head out to our weekly adoption events – and hopefully meet their forever families.

Labs and More is on track to rescue our 10,000th dog this year.  In eight short years, that’s 10,000 puppies and dogs who otherwise would have died in shelters, or in a ditch, or on the side of the road.  Alone.  That’s 10,000 families whose homes have been transformed by these incredible 4-legged (or sometimes 3-legged…) new family members.

These 10,000 dogs would not have survived if not for the love and generosity of Labs and More’s supporters and all that LAM represents – from the rescuers to the fosters to the forever families to the donors.  The volunteers who heed the urgent calls to rescue dogs about to be put down, moms and their pups on the verge of death in a roadside ditch.  Each of our dogs have a unique story – some tragic, all heart-breaking, but simply just a part of their story.  Being a part of Labs and More we are blessed to be able to help these dogs start their new, beautiful story as they find their forever family and home.

Each time a foster dog moves to their forever home it is bittersweet for our team; we have nursed, cared for and encouraged their journey to become the adoptable dog you take home, and we trust that they will be safe and loved in your care.  One wag of the tail and the past is the past.

At this years’ Bark In The Barn we invite you to be a part of this celebration – and to become one of those who helps give these neglected and forgotten souls the chance to become the loving companions they deserve to be.