Hark came to Labs & More severely malnourished and struggling to keep not only her surviving pups alive but herself. Rescued off the streets, homeless – and seemingly bewildered at intake, we were amazed that this young pup herself – at only 1 year old, was able to make it through her tough start in life while nurturing her newborn babies along.

Sustaining an eye injury in their struggle to survive, one of her little puppies required additional medical care to have the eye removed. A loving foster home gives this puppy the attention needed to fully recover and have the chance at getting adopted into a forever home of her own.

Because of events like Mutt Run, Hark and her pups were safely rescued and are now on their way to living the happy, healthy life they deserve.


Homeless and rescued off the streets, Honolulu was rail thin and surrounded by her starving puppies. Giving up all of her nutrition to just feed her hungry babies Honolulu was simply zapped of spirit. Looking sad and hopeless, we quickly learned that a previous severe break in her rear leg would require very expensive FHO surgery. As she had surgery, she then recovered in an experienced foster home while her puppies received proper medical attention and regular feedings.

Soon these little rugrats were racing around with their foster friends having the time of their lives! Romping, playing, for the first time they had toys of their own, warm, soft beds to sleep in and the care of a loving, nurturing foster parent while they prepped for adoption. And look at Honolulu now – the light is back in her eyes and now her goofy, playful happy side can finally shine!


Discovered with a tie out rope embedded in her neck, Megara was left abandoned within her small quarters much of her life. And when she became pregnant she had to give birth to them right where she was; attached to her chain on the ground she stood. When we got the call to take her in, rescuers had to cut the rope out to relieve her suffering. Huddling under a nearby shed in the dirt, she sat cramped in there with her newborn puppies.

After receiving medical attention Megara slowly learned to settle into an experienced foster home. Only then did she come to know the love of a human; nutritious, regular meals, a soft bed, regular baths, freedom of movement without being tightly tethered, and the gentle, caring pets every dog should receive. Her puppies soon recovered and began to fatten up as young puppies should.

Megara’s natural spirit began to shine through. First it was the playing of peek-a-boo with her foster mom, then the constant play sessions with her foster siblings – we’re amazed at how resilient dogs can be to see her now. Happy, hopeful and playful, exactly what we hope for with every rescue dog we take! Who could imagine – looking at them now – where they came from?