Your Donations Matter!

Donations are the only path to saving the growing number of dogs we rescue each year. Your donation, whether a one-time gift or recurring amount is how we exist month to month. Most may not know this, but the average adoption donation covers less than half the expense to save and care for each dog that is saved.

We proudly operate Labs and More with time donated by our wonderful and dedicated Volunteers allowing your donated funds to go directly to the care of the dogs we save. This care includes, among other things, vaccinations, neuter and spay, needed surgeries, and emergency care for dogs met with life-threatening injuries.  Because of the generosity of so many caring, dog-loving friends we have been able to say Yes to almost every urgent rescue request for dogs needing life-saving care!

In addition to a one-time or recurring monthly donations, there are many other ways you can support the dogs rescued by Labs and More.

We hold fundraising events at local breweries, wineries, restaurants, and coffee shops located around town. These are fun ways to socialize with our Volunteers, meet other dog loving friends, and show off your dog! Each venue donates proceeds from the event to our rescue.

We host online crowd-funding fundraisers for special cases.  These are to provide funding for dogs that are at risk of losing their life. We have been so proud of our ability to help these dogs that others can’t help, or won’t help. With your support and generosity, dogs left to suffer and die, and moms delivering puppies in the cold and heat that have no other means for survival, get the emergency care they require.

Each year we also have two other fundraising events, one in May and one in October.  These are the lifeline to our funding and without them, we couldn’t exist.  These are called “Bark in the Barn” and the “Howl-o-ween Mutt Run.”  Please let us know if you can donate to our “Bark In the Barn” Auction! We are in need of the following donations:  time at vacation homes, travel miles, services, sponsorships, and gift cards. Every donation makes a difference!

Labs and More is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization and most donations can be considered Tax-Deductible.

Thank you for caring enough to make a difference!

A. Adoption Donation For Your New Dog
Thank You For Adopting With Labs and More Rescue

B. Donation to help Save Dogs, You select the Donation Amount!
Thank you for donating to Labs and More Rescue!

C. Donation to Pay the Fee to Save 3 Dogs From High Kill Shelters
Thank You From Labs and More Rescue

D. Donation to Provide Vaccinations for a Litter of New Puppies!
Thank You From Labs and More Rescue for your Donation.

E. Donation to Compassion 4 Paws Foundation
Thank you for your heart felt donation to helping dogs in need.